With Garrosh finally out of the way, the tier is complete, and all that's left to do now is repeat kill him as many times as possible before 6.0 hits. It was a long tier filled with drama, a server transfer, and a constant stream of people coming and going, but we stuck it out and did it anyway-- good job to everyone who stuck it out and stayed with us through to the end, even if you weren't necessarily there for the kill!

Our next step is to prepare for 6.0 and the raid size/difficulty changes, and the expansion beyond that. Please take the time to get on the PTR and acclimate yourself to your class changes so that the transition into flex heroic and mythic is smooth!
 photo ParagonsKillSS.png

It's nice to see another encounter on the level of Kael'thas for mechanical difficulty and longevity, and with the bugs finally dead, we're on to Garrosh!

The actual tough part of the fight was fighting the attrition that forced apart our 25-H team; once everyone started giving it their all, they fell right over. We only saw two pieces of loot drop as a result, but at least they both went to good use!

Look out Garrosh, we're killing off your characters one at a time!

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The maniacal engineer is finally dead and now the homestretch is in sight. All that is left is 9 or so bugs and an orc with some serious daddy issues. 

I'm not looking forward to those Iron Stars. >.>'
Fouton FIXED:
Akraen a this is the fight where your knockback would be useful

Our Arcane magus was none too pleased.

(placeholder for some new news, finally!! Stay tuned!)
Golbar ao Surely you would not deny an old man a replenishing drink? No, no I thought not.
Akraen a Placeholder!? Better than any screenshot. Haha, Hanodar ROCKED those mines!

2014 <NO> Mega Survey!

Akraen a posted Apr 17, 14
That's right! We've put together a big survey for all members past and present to enjoy and also share opinions. A bulk of it is designed for humor, but it's also fun to see members of the past voting along with members in the present. We've had multiple generations of guildies here, so it's pretty tough to keep all the expansions and years separate and in perspective.

If you haven't filled it out yet, check it out here:

For some fun teasers, here are some results so far:

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