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Good morning guild! I know it's only Thursday but Restomak and I expedited our process and plan as natural events sort of took things in that direction. I jumped on the idea (which will be detailed momentarily) immediately after Resto pitched it to me because it finally made sense for Natural Order. No action or concern is required from any guild member.

When I moved Natural Order to Argent Dawn the goal was to have us be how I wanted us to be-- a return to our roots in TBC, with a culture to follow. My plan was to convince my friends who quit to return, or who were inactive to actually spend some time with me. As you guys know, spending time with me has always been tough to do and since my new job/lifestyle it's even tougher. But it's not impossible!

From the heart (figuratively) - I want to point out a couple things that brought us here. I can't disregard the contributions, effort, and passion from some members of this guild over its 8 years (tomorrow is our 8th Anniversary!). From Cayden to Esoth, Serane to Nemata, Restomak to Xdoctor, Brya to Crysten, (the list has hundreds of names on it) generations of players have selflessly helped assist me in what truly is a selfish goal: to run my guild with me, to my ends, to my goals.

Many have accepted for a period of time just how selfish my goals are but lasted with them until their own goals diverged. I could never fault someone for leaving the guild at that point. I've always counted on the people who would become my friends to be realistic about what this guild is, how I view it, and accept those terms. If you do and still know who Paul is underneath all those layers, then you are my friend. If you struggle with it and contest my views at a fundamental level (I'm not talking just disagreements, my closest friends know what I mean), then you know where you stand.

Since Stormrage, we've been in a weaning process. This weaning process from trying to live on the cutting edge of WoW progression and patch cycles is inspired by my need to wean myself from it. I believe that even when the best planner and architect of destiny wishes to make a change that there is a certain degree of trial and error which must be incorporated otherwise you may accidentally march cavalierly down the wrong path. (I'd ask folks to digest the prior sentence for my meaning, this is significant--my goal isn't to be patronizing). To prevent monumental errors that would lose the friendship, loyalty, and consideration of those I value I have tried to continue a multitude of goal setting within the guild.

Natural Order has veered off track again from my perspective but it's made far more gains than losses. I need to be more involved and I want to be back in as full of a swing as I can, utilizing Warcraft and other games as a way to stay in touch with the people who matter most to me. In order to do this, I need the culture to be simplified, reduced down to my friends. We need to make this final step and conversion into a Friends & Family guild.

Some people will be reading this and think "you deluded ass, what makes you think anyone would stay" - If you read it this way, then I would kindly ask you to consider joining Restomak's guild. There are no hard feelings towards those who dislike me, but you no longer fit into the framework of a Friends & Family guild if I cannot consider you a friend or family. This is my house and I only have room for those who enjoy my company.

Moving forward, there will be no more direct recruitment in Natural Order for the purpose of building any raid teams. Instead, we will rely on the friendships we already have with alternative progression options for those who seek a bit more out of content. The guild structure will no longer be a clearly defined thing other than a general separation of the most tenured and trusted members from others who are permitted to remain in the guild. Functional roles might be added, and with the liberation from raid-related ranks I can make the guild more fun.

Guild Quest ranks will be featured and the guild quest will be offered to Restomak's splinter guild, < Solace >. Forums will remain open to members from Solace as well as our mumble server. We will continue to cooperate and fill each guild's raids with members from both guilds. Resto is investigating an add-on to help tie the guilds together.

It is important at this point to be clear that Natural Order is not dying, nor is this an exit strategy. Statistically I will still outlast most people who touch this game and WoD will be no exception. The fire within this guild will be constantly stoked, rekindled, and go through various cycles of flares and smolders just as it always has.

Nearly all current members of Natural Order are welcome to stay. However, there will be no effort put into keeping you here. You must be here because you like the more active and involved Akraen/Paul. You need to be here because you either know me well or want to know me better. You can be here as an alt, a friend, or anything-- but this guild structure no longer entertains peace-keeping in the name of raids.

WoD and beyond is about friendship, fun, and the quirky social networking example that 8 years of Natural Order has constructed. We're not just a guild, we are an exceptional demonstration of the persistence of wide-angle social bonds. Whether we're in Krushinator's or Ellorath's flex runs, in PvP, doing solo content while chatting with others, playing D3, H6, or just bantering on these forums-- Natural Order is our identity. It's what links us, so the future is strengthening these links-- not simply adding more.

Examine, Evaluate, Evolve, Enjoy--

Love, Akraen <3

PS: Log in and check if you're High Court. If so - you're going to be a key player in the next chapter of Natural Order and it means I really want you to stay whether or not you raid with Solace.

Dux battle tag is Dux#1764
Akraen a Hah, never forgetting you <3
Dux indeed, whats up!

With Garrosh finally out of the way, the tier is complete, and all that's left to do now is repeat kill him as many times as possible before 6.0 hits. It was a long tier filled with drama, a server transfer, and a constant stream of people coming and going, but we stuck it out and did it anyway-- good job to everyone who stuck it out and stayed with us through to the end, even if you weren't necessarily there for the kill!

Our next step is to prepare for 6.0 and the raid size/difficulty changes, and the expansion beyond that. Please take the time to get on the PTR and acclimate yourself to your class changes so that the transition into flex heroic and mythic is smooth!
 photo ParagonsKillSS.png

It's nice to see another encounter on the level of Kael'thas for mechanical difficulty and longevity, and with the bugs finally dead, we're on to Garrosh!

The actual tough part of the fight was fighting the attrition that forced apart our 25-H team; once everyone started giving it their all, they fell right over. We only saw two pieces of loot drop as a result, but at least they both went to good use!

Look out Garrosh, we're killing off your characters one at a time!

 photo KhuuKhuu.jpg

The maniacal engineer is finally dead and now the homestretch is in sight. All that is left is 9 or so bugs and an orc with some serious daddy issues. 

I'm not looking forward to those Iron Stars. >.>'
Fouton FIXED:
Akraen a this is the fight where your knockback would be useful

Our Arcane magus was none too pleased.

(placeholder for some new news, finally!! Stay tuned!)
Golbar a Surely you would not deny an old man a replenishing drink? No, no I thought not.
Akraen a Placeholder!? Better than any screenshot. Haha, Hanodar ROCKED those mines!
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