2014 <NO> Mega Survey!

Akraen a posted Thu at 7:27
That's right! We've put together a big survey for all members past and present to enjoy and also share opinions. A bulk of it is designed for humor, but it's also fun to see members of the past voting along with members in the present. We've had multiple generations of guildies here, so it's pretty tough to keep all the expansions and years separate and in perspective.

If you haven't filled it out yet, check it out here:

For some fun teasers, here are some results so far:

That's right, Natural Order is going to visit Europe! (and you have time to plan!)

A lot of the details are TBA, but this is what is decided. I'll update & bump this thread each time I update the plan. I know many people around so we have some good opportunities and hopefully some cost savings too. Also at this point I will be setting up a new account specifically for this trip, which will have extra money to either assist someone to join us or pay for hotel rooms / house rental (yes, I might be getting us a party house!).

So, there are currently a few hypotheticals:
1) Rent party house in Munich for Oktoberfest, stay in Munich
2) Stay at friend's vacant house (if available) in Tubingen and take train to Munich, but also hang around Tubingen
3) Hotel rooms
4) Split trip, Oktoberfest + an After Party in Oslo (w/Narsha as our guide!)

The best time to buy plane tickets from the US will be March-ish 2015, so a year from now. That should give people plenty of time to plan, save money, and make arrangements! If you need help or have questions about Passports or international travel, ask me! I've done tons of travel! If you have ideas, friends, family there who might be interested in helping, speak up!

Anyway, I want to split signups into different categories because the more I know, the better I can plan and also save lots of money!

For more details:
Akraen a Now that I think about it, it looks like he's in a horror movie, being hunted down by Nemata in a scream mask.

Party Over / Back to Work

Akraen a posted Feb 25, 14
Alrighty, for the next month this is our schedule:

Tues/Wed Feb 25/26: 10-Man Heroics @ 7:30 PM - Progression comp
Friday Feb 28: 25-Man Normal @ 7:30 PM - Gear-to-Garrosh comp

Tues/Wed Mar 4/5: 10-Man Heroics @ 7:30 PM - Gear on first 8, then progression comp
Friday Mar 7: 25-Man Normal @ 7:30 PM - Gear-to-Garrosh comp

Tues/Wed Mar 11/12: 10-Man Heroics @ 7:30 PM - Gear on first 8, then progression comp
Friday Mar 14: 25-Man Normal @ 7:30 PM - Gear-to-Garrosh comp 

Tues/Wed Mar 18/19: 10-Man Heroics @ 7:30 PM - Gear on first 8, then progression comp 
Friday Mar 21: 25-Man Normal @ 7:30 PM - Gear-to-Garrosh comp 
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